1000Grobbe Bike Challenge

Have you decided to test yourself? Have you decided to push your limits and prove yourself and others that you can do it? Then the great challenge of the 1000Grobbe Bike is waiting for you!

Take on all the three races of the Challenge and, at the end of the event, you will find out how you placed yourself in the general classification!

Total length: 113
Total difference in altitude: 3220



If you want to participate to this challenge you must take part in all three competitions, that is Lavarone Bike, Nosellari Bike and the classic 100 km of the Forts.
There will be a classification for each race individually.

At the end of the three competition days, for each participant, the judges will add up the times recorded in the three competitions and draw up the final classification!

Of course, you can also participate in only one or two races: in this case, we recommend that you register for the individual competition.

Ready to climb the mountains and the ranking with your MTB?

The great 1000Grobbe Bike Challenge is waiting for you!

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